Who can shop at Layam.com?
Layam.com targets Ships suppliers and crew members docking in Haifa's and Ashdod's seaport. Also, embassies, diplomats and monasteries can enjoy our variety of duty-free products.

How do I shop at Layam.com?
Fast, Easy, Convenient - That is Layam's motto regarding the shopping experience at our online site. Simply register by filling out the registration form and start shopping!

Do I have any restrictions on my purchase?
Not really, as long as the customs confirms your order, you can shop as much as you want.


How do I get the items I ordered?
When you create your account, you must enter your ship's name and destination port. We will send your items straight to your ship with our free delivery service - totally effortless for you.

When do I get my order?
Your order request will be sent to our team for processing and will be approved via phone or E-mail. We will prepare your order and send it to you about two hours before your ship leaves.


Is the order total price final?
No. The prices shown on the site are estimated prices and your order is, in fact, a quotation. Once we receive your quotation, our team will customize your order and contact you for a final price. We'll make sure you get the best prices you deserve.

How do I make a payment?
The payment is made when you receive your order on the ship. We accept payment through credit card or cash.

What currencies do you accept?
The prices on the website are in US Dollars, but you can pay with USD, EUR, GBP or NIS, whatever is more convenient for you. The exchange rate will be the same as the day of payment. Credit card payments will always be made in US Dollars.


Where are the duty-free stores located?
Our duty-free stores are located at Haifa & Ashdod seaports. You are welcome to visit our store and enjoy unique offers.

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