We want to make sure you are fully satisfied with the online shopping experience at, so we guarantee all prices are tax-free and are beating local market prices.

All prices on website are calculated in US Dollars. The prices on the website are in US Dollars, but you can pay with USD, EUR, GBP or NIS, whatever is more convenient for you. Credit card payments will always be made in US Dollars. The exchange rate for cash payment will be the same as the day of payment.

Some of the products are delivered immediately to the ship, and payment must be made in cash or credit at that point. In accordance with agreements defined with our clients, payment can also be accepted in the form of net plus.

We reserve the right to modify the online store prices/descriptions without previous notice. The prices you will get are the prices registered in your order request.

Price of items that require weighing will be registered after the final weight calculation. 

Discounts and offers are not accumulable with other offers and/or promotions. In the case that there is more than one offer/promotion in affect at the same time, we will apply the most beneficial for you.

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